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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Local Events: Heart Pump Pop Up

I’m a huge advocate for local events. Part of their beauty is seeing what your community offers that you might not have known existed. As Ben and I look for places to live, we're trying to keep this in mind. We want an area that has a community feel. We want little local events - even if it is just a quick stroll through a cute farmer's market on a Saturday morning.

Speaking of - last weekend Tampa got a brand new local event. It's called the Heart Pump Pop Up.

Ben, Kaci, and I ventured out to the inaugural launch of the pop up last Saturday. It was held at Perry Harvey Sr. Park in Tampa. I was invited to become a brand ambassador, as well as cover the event for my blog. Obviously the answer was YES and HECK YES. 

The pop up event was created by Mars Bason. She recently moved to Tampa from Miami - a place full of thriving community events, art walks, you name it. When settling into her new neighborhood in Tampa, she knew that the community was missing something - thus the idea of the Heart Pump Pop Up Festival was born. “We needed something to do around here on a regular basis", she told me.

The Heart Pump Pop Up was just that. Vendors brought their best food, crafts, and talent tents to the park. Visitors floated freely to each tent to scope out the local goodies. Some personal favorites of mine were Cheeses Crust (so YUM!), Wakamolé, and Macrameoww (you know this girl left with a new succulent for her office #sorrynotsorry).

The Heart Pump Pop Up will be held every third Saturday of the month at Perry Harvey Sr. Park. Make sure you come out to the next one to meet Tampa’s local makers! Find out more about this local pop up by clicking here.

*This post was made in collaboration with Mars Bason and the Heart Pump Pop Up. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Trip to Chicago [Where We Ate + What I Wore]

Chicago is honestly one of my favorite cities. It reminds me of a mini New York without the absolute madness that NYC brings. Ben and I flew up last weekend (thanks Bryce! #weddinggift) for St. Patrick's Day celebrations and to see friends. Chicago has a huge party on the Saturday before the holiday. It's full of bar packages, green dye (for the river!), and a ton of Chicagoans decked out in green duds in the name of St. Patty!

I heard that Chicago is the second biggest city to celebrate St Patrick's Day in, right after Boston. After experiencing it this year, I believe it. The day's start is an early one that leads into a late evening. If you're lucky, you make it all day. Ben and I definitely did not - because we're a bunch of rookie old married people. HOWEVER. We're now seasoned for next year.

When we weren't busy pretending to be Irish, we enjoyed time with friends exploring restaurants and different neighborhoods in Chicago. Here's a quick and simple recap.

Favorite places we ate at:

Portillo's Hot Dogs
Ordered: Hot dog, with everything on it. Next time I'd add extra sport peppers - because oh my, they were delicious on this hot dog.

Ordered: 5 empanadas - 2 spinach and cheese, 2 chicken, 1 beef and potato
This place was so good! Super tiny. When you walk in, you feel like you're literally standing in their kitchen. It's also BYOB which the boys enjoyed. Cool added touch.

Wheat's End Cafe
Ordered: Bagel & House Cured Lox. They also had the BEST GLASS OF OJ THAT I HAVE EVER TASTED. I went through two glasses. I could easily blame my hangover, but I'd like to believe we paid $5/glass for a better reason than that.

The Butcher's Tap
Ordered: Butcher board with smoking goose salami francois, la quercia prosciutto americano, and capriole goat. These were all way too fancy for me to pronounce, so I just said "salami, prosciutto, and goat cheese" while pointing to them on the menu #kahlaprobs. I also ordered a cup of their butternut squash soup. Perfect lunch.

Furious Spoon
Ordered: Furious Ramen with chicken. This place was so YUM. I want to try their ahi tuna poké bowl next time.

Favorite OOTDs from our trip:

Beanie [similar] // Sweater [similar] // Jeggings // Boots

Beanie [similar] // Top // Leggings [similar] // Boots // Texting Gloves

Top // Jeans [similar] // Booties

Shop the products featured above by scrolling & clicking on their pictures:
Have you ever tried any of the places above in Chicago? Have you ever been to Chicago? What places are must-trys for next time? Leave your responses in the comments below!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

12 Thoughts I had While Creating My March Madness Bracket

March Madness started today and basketball fans everywhere rejoiced. Heck, even non-basketball fans like me did. Brackets can bust in one sitting, but that didn't stop me from trying to join in on the action without much research. Here are 12 real thoughts I had today while creating my #MarchMadness bracket:
  1. The $10 I’m using to play in this tournament could buy me this really pretty nail polish.
  2. Gonzaga. Is this the one everyone calls Zaga?
  3. I like blue. Duke is blue. I’ll pick them to win the tournament.
  4. Plus I’ve always wanted to visit North Carolina.
  5. Aw Vanderbilt. I love Nashville. Totally picking them.
  6. I don’t even know basketball terms. I have no right to be in this tournament.
  7. I should really re-watch Space Jam.
  8. What’s a good guess for basketball points scored as a tie breaker? I’ll just ask Ben.
  9. Basketball team picking is so stressful.
  10. Now I have to re-download that ESPN app from last year so I can track if I’m winning.
  11. Wait. What if I actually win?
  12. I better at least beat Ben bc house bragging rights.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Five Major Instagram Myths: BUSTED

Oh, Instagram. We all know and love it. It's a fun way to share your life in tiny squares with friends, family, followers, and the occasional random stranger. I view Instagram as a branding platform and an extension of Keeping Up with Kahla. It's the social media channel that holds my largest following and my focus is producing content for that following.

Content can obviously mean a plethora of things. Maybe it's a picture of restaurant I'm loving, or a snap from a perfect beach day. It could be a full on outfit picture, or a flat lay featuring one of my favorite bags. The beauty of being a lifestyle blogger is that I'm not restricted to only fashion posts or only food posts. I can post a variety of things.

While the above mindset is well and good, sometimes my "Insta-Life" and "Real-Life" clash after I start posting for the day. My followers from the other side of the country may have no idea (hi, Cali followers!), but the friends I have locally probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

And thus, the idea for this post was born.

Today I'm here to bust the five major myths about what you think you know about my Instagram. It isn't always what it seems and some of it may surprise you. Others, well - maybe you've already seen me in action and will get a good chuckle out of what you already know.

Myth 1: I'm always wearing what I post on Instagram that day. This is probably the biggest misconception, and the one thing that makes my friends go "huh?" when they see me after I've posted an outfit on Instagram earlier in the day. Truth be told, I'm almost never wearing the outfit that you see me in on my Insta-feed. To make it more confusing, sometimes I haven't worn that specific outfit in weeks since some outfit shoots are done pretty far in advance. An exception to this myth is if you see me post an outfit mirror picture like this one (taken last Sunday, actually worn last Sunday. Shocker.):

Myth 2: I'm always at the place that I'm posting about on Instagram. In a perfect world, I would eat out and frequent my favorite juice bars and breweries every single day. In this world - it ain't happening. A perfect example of myth #2 is this picture:

I was at home one Friday morning before work and decided to post the above picture. I mean, how could I not - just look at the wall. It was screaming "put me on your Instagram". The caption on the picture referenced something about how close we were to the sweet, sweet weekend because well obviously - I mean it was Friday after all. Not long after posting, my mom texted me concerned that I was at a brewery so early in the morning. CONTENT MOM, GOSH. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm trying to make someone think that I have the time to be at a brewery at 8:45AM on a Friday. It's simply because we had visited Green Bench brewery a week or so before this picture was posted and I was saving it for the right posting time. A picture of beer has better engagement on a Friday or Saturday than it does on, let's say, a Tuesday. It also just so happens that most of my prime posting times are early AMs. Mystery revealed. Myth busted.

Myth 3: You hashtag pictures way too much and they're pointless. I'm a hashtag junkie, I don't deny it but it's not for nothing. Hashtags help people discover your account which = growth. On the flip side, they also allow you to find accounts similar to yours. They're a pretty powerful tool. #Try #them #sometime.

Myth 4: You're always posting pictures of yourself, so you must be conceited. Guys. Sometimes I'm as sick of my face as you are. I try to keep my Instagram squares balanced with places, food, stuff + thangs, and yes the occasional outfit where you may or may not see my face. There are times where a slew of pictures will seem like it's only me, myself, and I. This is usually for one of three reasons: I'm promoting an outfit, a piece of my clothing just went on sale, OR I have a new fashion blog post ~on the blog~. No conceitedness here. Maybe just a little. KIDDING. Kind of. Self love is important, y'all.

Myth 5: It takes one shot to get the pictures you see on my Instagram. False. So false. Anyone who's seen me in action at a blog shoot knows that it takes (at the very least) 30 shots and lots of "one more sets". The same goes for my food pictures which makes literally no sense because my meals don't even move.

So, there ya have it guys. five major myths busted about my Instagram page that you may not have already known. It doesn't mean I'm "faking" anything or trying to trick people into thinking that I live my Insta-life every day. I have been to THAT restaurant, or worn THAT outfit, but for the purpose of content and frequency of posting you just don't see it until I'm ready to post it. Did any of these surprise you or is this something that you half expected? 

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Blush Sweater + Distressed Shorts

Sweater [not available online] // Distressed Shorts // Choker [similar] // 

Call it spring fever, but I am so incredibly into blush and pinks right now. It's such a fun, light, and airy color for the upcoming season. I've seen it in sweaters, tops, and even purses (loving this one from Madewell).

This sweater is from American Eagle and has survived many closet purges. The cozy fabric lets you wear it on or off the shoulder. If off, it would be really cute layered with a lace strap bralette! Ben always asks if I'm wearing it inside out because of the distressed stitching, but I can assure you I'm not. This gives it a worn in look that I just love. Since it's an oldie, I can't find it online but I'm linking some sims that you can use to get this look right here:

These distressed shorts are part of the the Shopbop sale happening right now (see my picks from the sale here!). The cuts on the sides somehow fool everyone into thinking I have #legsfordays. SUCH a bonus. These are my first pair from One Teaspoon, but trust me, they won't be my last. Here are a few others that I'm loving.

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? 

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