Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just Chillin' It.

My health is at like 89% right now. Almost there guys, almost there. Hoping to hit 100% before the holiday weekend is over.

Last Friday we found ourselves yet again at The Dallas Bull to see up and comer Cole Swindell! You've probably heard his single on the radio. Got my shades on, top back, rollin' with the music jacked. Yeah, that one. It may surprise you - but this guy definitely has more than just a one hit wonder on his hands. 

 What's nice about DB is that you can line dance while you wait for the performer to come on which obviously helps pass the time, not to mention burn off some of those beer calories. Before we knew it, the lights were dimmed and out came Cole with his song "Hey Y'all". He progressed into covers (even Eric Church's "Guys Like Me". EEE.), and moved right back into his own songs - closing the show with "Lemme See Ya Girl" and of course, "Chillin' It". If you go to a Cole concert, I guarantee you won't be able to get over his adorable dance moves. He's not one to stand around and just sing the words to his songs. He shuffles around and interacts, which keeps the show lighthearted and fun. You can tell that he is so completely grateful and humble for the success he has seen from just one (so far!) song on the radio. It's worth going to the show if he comes to a city near you. Judging from the songs he has coming out in the next year or so on his new album, you'll more than likely only be able to catch him at amphitheaters opening for other performers. Make sure you catch him in the smaller venues before the industry realizes just how great it is. And trust me. They will. 

Fun fact: look up some of your favorite country radio favorites! Cole's name is probably listed somewhere under the writers section. 

Want more? Songs definitely worth Googling or Youtubing: Ain't Worth the Whiskey, Lemme See Ya Girl, Ready, Brought to You by Beer. You're welcome. 

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