Sunday, July 27, 2014

St. Auggy.

Happy Sunday y'all! I am the absolute worst. What why and how is my last post from NOVEMBER 2013? That seems like decades ago. I'll skip filling you in on the last 8 months, and just recap this weekend. Lately life seems to be so go, go go. Going to this city and that. Trust me, I don't mind. I would travel every weekend (even during the week!) if I could. This weekend's destination was: St. Augustine.

My family is spending a week on the east coast renting a condo and doing all that can be done in good ole St. Auggy (shopping, beach, tours, etc.). Ben and I have been to St. Augustine before, but spent most of our trip downtown and not so much on the beach. This weekend we met my family in the nation's oldest city for a quick getaway since, let's be honest, we will use any reason to travel.

For three things I am sure: we ate at the smallest restaurant in St. Augustine, Team Benla (Ben+Kahla) isn't too shabby at Scrabble, and a fedora is socially acceptable on vacation (I literally never wear mine otherwise).

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Make this Monday a productive one (don't forget a cup of coffee, or three). 


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