Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthdays & Beachin'.

Howdy hey readers! How's everyone's week been? Wednesday night Ben and I went out to the Melting Pot for his birthday. He's 24. When did he get so old? Sheesh.

The Melting Pot is one of our favorites, and it also gave me an excuse to wear my new dress I bought at a boutique in Nashville. I'm shamelessly neon-obsessed (as I like to sing about in my insta captions). Sorry not sorry.

As I mentioned before, it seems like life has been go go go lately. It was SO nice to have a (birth)date night with my favorite guy and just enjoy each other's company. 

Today was part two of the BF's birthday shenanigans. We went out to the beach with a group of our friends and had a blast. Tanning, swimming in the ocean, bags/cornhole (the never-ending debate). Oh, and of course good ole Florida sunshine. It all makes for a fab Saturday.

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