Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Daze.

How we all doin'? Hopefully everyone is out of their Labor "Daze" and back into their routines. I know it was a toughie for me, but nothing a current weekend of lounging and family time couldn't fix.

Our labor day weekend in Illinois was fabulous. Busy and packed as expected, but fabulous nonetheless. The trips we take to Illinois typically consist of the following: a night with friends, a night with Ben's family, then a day spent in a bigger city (Chicago, Springfield, or this time - St. Louis).

We traveled out to Ben's old college stomping grounds (University of Illinois) for a football game, followed by a night out on the town in Champaign. We successfully joined the Mug Club and cabjacked a bachelorette party's cab. Lovely memories.

Ben's family hosted a party at their house the following day. We enjoyed copious amounts of yummy food, margaritas, finished off bottles of Crown Royal and Fireball. Yes, they know how to throw a wonderful party and we absolutely love it.

Our last day in town was spent in St. Louis. We visited the new Ball Park Village and the St. Louis Galleria Mall. Unfortunately there weren't any mall finds, but I could not get over BPV. I'm not kidding y'all, I literally wouldn't want to watch a baseball game anywhere else, except the comfort of our own little condo of course.

It's always such a treat to see everyone in Illinois. I must say though, as much as we love our vacations, we also love returning home to get back into our own routines and schedules. I think my favorite part of coming home is being reunited with my bed. There's just something unbeatable about it.

T-minus 4 days until DENVER! I was seriously considering not even unpacking from our Illinois trip and just taking it all with me (can you blame me?). But a new trip means I need a suitcase full of new outfit choices. Priorities people.


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