Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pinterest Eats: Turkey Quinoa Mini Meatloaves

I feel it is absolutely necessary to preface this post with the fact that I am by no means a cook. The only thing I have in common with Paula D is the fact that we are obsessed with butter. I may or may not have put cardboard in the oven once when I was cooking a frozen pizza. You see, I come from a family where the men typically handle the cooking. With that being said, a few weeks ago my fiancé had the fantastic (every ounce of sarcasm implied here) idea of having me cook him a meal once a month. My "cooking", if one can even call it that, doesn't go much beyond anything that can be microwaved, nachos, and scrambled eggs. Hopeless? Possibly, but I hesitantly agreed.

I could finally put my "Good Eats" Pinterest board to use! This also gave me every reason I needed to spend even more time on Pinterest, as if I needed that. A recipe here, a recipe there, another pin for my "Pinterest Closet" board. Those related pins will getcha every time, amirite?

The winner of this month's meal were these Turkey Quinoa Mini Meatloaves. I subbed spinach for the kale, and used minced garlic instead of cloves. Now, I'm not much of a meatloaf lover, but these mini loaves were adorable and the recipe contained quinoa - immediate win/win in my book. iPad mini setup on the counter, recipe pulled up, promises from my fiancé to not micromanage - and it was full on Cooking with Kahla in our kitchen.

With the quinoa cooking, I began sautéing my chopped veggies. I've never sautéed anything in my life. The words "how do you sauté something" actually came out of my mouth.  I'm serious y'all, the knowledge does not extend much past the microwave.

I dumped the veggies and quinoa into my mixing bowl, along with the 20oz package of ground turkey. Cue my fiancé coming into the kitchen asking me about serving size, a quick scroll on the iPad mini, and finding out I was actually only supposed to use 4, yes, 4oz of ground turkey. Oops. Bright side: we had more than enough extra meat for our nachos today. After getting the uncooked mini loaves together, I opened the oven door to find *drum roll please*: room temp air. No heat. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PREHEAT THE OVEN. I wish I could say something like this would be out of the ordinary for me, but nope - TKM (total Kahla move).

Even with the minor laughable hiccups, I would say the Cooking with Kahla venture was a success. Our kitchen is still standing. The mini meatloaves came out delish, and fiancé approved.

Any suggestions for next month's meal?


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