Saturday, May 23, 2015


Will anyone ever fully get used to calling Darius Rucker anything other than Hootie? Don't worry - we can all struggle together with this. Even seeing him at his own Southern Style tour I still got 10x more excited for those classic Hootie songs than I do his recent country ones. It's the 90's in me. #sorrynotsorry

I love a good concert season, and this was the kickoff for Ben and I. To be honest, we mainly went to see Brothers Osborne and it was well worth it. Minus the fact that the people two rows behind us wanted us to sit down during their set - which was not happening. Alls well that ends well though, because after BROS we went and traded out our tickets for different ones to a section where we could stand and dance. I would have paid to have seen those people's faces when the whole amp was standing for Hootie though. Good luck telling 1000s of concert goers to sit down, let me know how that works out for ya.

Naturally I whipped out a romper for this night. They're the perfect country concert staple and above all else they're comfortable.

romper: American Eagle // boots: Ariat // bag: Fossil
jewelry: bracelets: Alex & AniBourbon & BowetiesCoordinates Collection necklace: Dogeared

My other favorite country concert staple? My fiance. Wouldn't be nearly as fun without him.


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