Sunday, May 10, 2015

Peppy in Palazzos.

It was a weekend well spent.

Friday night we headed over to Orlando for a 24 hour getaway. We had a friend in town on work purposes - and BONUS: we got to stay with our favorite O-Town residents. New taverns were discovered, outlets were shopped, and sunburns were accumulated. Thumbs up emoji, except for maybe that last part. Currently hoping the burns magically turn into a tan.

top: MmMmMm purchased @ Dillard's // pants: Forever 21 // 

24 hours may not seem like a lot, but I would have taken anything to get out of Clearwater for a little while. It was my first full weekend off in a month so I was ready to take advantage of it, as well as have an excuse to wear my new palazzos. They're like printed yogas, but better and WAY more socially acceptable to wear out to a bar. Trust me when I say you need them in your life pronto. #palazzoobsessed

Sunday we spent some good ole' quality time with my family for Mother's Day.

Hug yo mamas and grandmamas every chance you can, not just on Mother's Day. It's like chicken soup, good for the soul.


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