Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Because I'm a Sucker for Mason Jars.

Lately it seems that Ben and I's weekends have consisted of some sort of DIY or condo improvement project. Neither of us are handy-man (or woman) inclined, so it's an interesting and hilarious challenge for both of us. Most of the time we're just hoping nothing falls apart and improvising on tools that we need, but don't have. Say we're lacking a hammer: we find something flat to put against the nail in the wall and use a wrench, that we actually have, to bang the nail in. Easy breezy. Also, we should definitely buy a hammer.

This past weekend we tackled bathroom storage. Counter space in our bathroom is nonexistent. We have our toothbrushes on one side, a soap dispenser on the other and that basically covers it - the counter, I mean. Cue relentless Pinterest searching and my discovery of hanging mason jar storage for all of our bathroom goodies. Big YAY. 

Our original plan was to venture in to Michael's to pick up all of the supplies that we needed to create this DIY wall hanging mason jar contraption. However, Michael's totally sensed Benla was coming, because they had one of these babies on the shelf and already put together for us. The best part? 40% OFF. $22 and a swipe of the credit card later - and our bathroom was going to have  the ~rustic~ touch that it had been lacking all along. 

Our only challenge was that it was BLUE. As cute as the color was, there was no way it was going to match our yellow, green, and black bathroom, so I painted it white. 

After some dismantling, a few coats of paint, reattaching, and some loud banging that I was sure would wake our neighbors up - we had our mason jar storage for cotton balls, Q tips, and my makeup brushes.

So cute, so rustic.


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