Thursday, June 25, 2015

Headphone Highlights: Shane Lee

My favorite part about having a blog is knowing the directions that I can go with my posts are limitless. I want to post a weekend recap? Sure self, go ahead. An energy bites recipe too good not to share? Totally happening, push "publish". Outfit posts, rants, wish lists, etc. like I said, limitless.

I'm excited to get to share with my readers a new blog series: Headphone Highlights. Discovering new music and new artists is something I (and most humans in the world) love doing - it's a hobby. You know the thrill - Spotify sneaks in a new artist on that country genre station you love and listen to so much. You've never heard this song, but you realize it's kind of catchy. The pre-chorus - you could get used to it.  By the time you're through the chorus and onto the next verse, you find yourself on their artist page to see if every one of theirs songs is just as good. And. It. IS.

So without further adieu, say hello to my first Headphone Highlights feature: Shane Lee.

When Ben and I saw Shane Lee last July, we were in Nashville for the first time. Our one mission was that we wanted to "discover" someone on our own and he was that act for us. We only knew one song of his, "Kissin' in the Taillights", but that was all we needed to go see him at 12th & Porter that night.

His Joyride - EP contains four songs that all made it to my "saved" song list on Spotify. Rightfully so, it also ranked #12 on iTunes Top 20 Country list. I'm a sucker for catchy choruses, and each of Lee's songs on this EP holds their own with that certain can't-resist-pull-of-a-chorus that you crave in any country song.

My personal favorite on the EP? Hands down, Old Camaro. It's one of those songs about flying down those infamous backroads all night with the girl you love by your side - no matter how much her daddy doesn't like you. Classic. Also, this needs to be a single.

I, for one, can't wait to see what's next for Shane Lee. He recently posted that new music is on the way. It should be ready and out soon. FYI Shane, your fans are ready too.

PSA Katy Perry fans: he covers The One That Got Away and it's good. Go listen.

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