Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just Go: 6 Places to Go Next

One of my favorite things about Ben and I's relationship is how much we both love to travel. Whether it's a roadtrip to Georgia that ends up being a weekend in South Carolina because we just wanted to keep driving; or a four hour plane delay out of Nashville that allowed us to walk Broadway one last time and run into Michael Ray literally on the street. It's always new experiences. 

For as many places that we've traveled to together, I already have my eye on a list of places that I want to venture to next. You see, the problem with the travel bug is that once it bites you - that's it. The only cure is to keep traveling:

Charleston, SC | - Southern hospitality, southern charm, southern comfort food, all southern everythang. And the beaches - which fine, we totally have in Florida. But, it's just different OKAY?

| Raleigh, NC | - #HonestyHour: I've wanted to visit Raleigh since I was a Clay Aiken fan in '03 and I found out he was from there. Fangirl, much? Anyway: that Claymate phase has come and gone, but the want to visit Raleigh never left. Also, I heard they have a pretty stellar BBQ and Brewery Bike tour. Sign me up.

| California | - It's impossible to pick just one place in California to visit and honestly who would want to have to? Wine country, LA, San Francisco, the list goes on. The minimum for a trip like this would be at least a week, with all there is to see, do, not to mention all of the trendy foods to eat.

| Texas | - Okay, okay. Another state where I can't pick just one city. Rumor has it that I would absolutely love Texas. The country music scene. The delicious food. Also a trip to Magnolia Market (Fixer Upper fans, anyone?) is an absolute MUST. I want to buy ALL OF THE RUSTIC THINGS - finding a way to fit it all back on the plane with me will be future Kahla's problem.

| Las Vegas, NV | - I'm not a gambler by any means, but the strip is calling my name. What better place to bet $25 on black and win than Vegas? I really wouldn't mind seeing my girl B Spears while I'm there either. #vivalasvegas

| Anywhere to Ski and/or Snowboard | - I've never tried either, so it only makes sense to go to a place I've never been to try something I've never done. Two birds, one trip.

As Susan Sontag would say, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." 

Any recommendations of things to do or places to eat in my list of six places? I'm always looking for those "must do"s in any of the places that I visit.

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