Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Headphone Highlights: John King

The funny thing about John King is that I almost completely missed the early bandwagon. He came to my city for an annual event called Fun N’ Country. Ben and I were late and missed most of his set – only catching his last song Tonight, Tonight, which happened to be the only song we knew at that time. We shrugged it off figuring we didn’t miss much.

Fast-forward a few months later to my sister having an extra ticket for Throwdown by the Bay where John was going to be performing a free show outside. With time to spare before having to go into the venue, my sister and I stayed outside to see him sing.

I immediately kicked myself for missing his set at Fun N’ Country.

When we went home that night I went searching for any and all of the songs that John had performed. As per usual, and to my MAJ disappointment none could be found. I settled for Youtube versions, which held me over until JK’s EP was released on Spotify.

Songs like Something In the Water and On Your Lips are instant favorites. Ladies, you will obsess over Baseball Cap – because it’s probably the cutest song on the EP. Think hair tied chillin’ with no makeup on, but more country-esque.

There’s definitely something in the water for this guy, and no doubt his full album will be worth the wait.

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