Friday, July 3, 2015

Headphone Highlights: Old Dominion

Take your favorite rock sounds, throw in some feel good country guitar, a whole bunch of rhythmic lyrics and you’ve just created Old Dominion.

OD has a self titled EP full of all kinds of sweet summertime tunes, but they’ve also written songs you may already know and love: Craig Morgan’s Wake Up Loving You, and The Band Perry’s Chainsaw

These guys were actually added to one of the Spotify country playlists that I follow. When Dirt on a Road started playing, it was a good kind of different. The stalking of their artist page began. I loved their music so much that a month or so later Ben and I ended up at a Chase Rice concert mainly just to see them open. I do love me some Chase - but OD killed it.

When the person next to you at the concert asks if you’re related to them because you know every word to every song, that’s when you know the love is real y’all. And yes, that actually happened. #sorrynotsorry #andnoimnotrelated

Check them out and join the obsession - thank me later.

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