Monday, September 28, 2015

6 Steps: Destress.

I have a bad habit of doing one thing while thinking of the five other things that I could be doing. Even while sitting here typing this post, my mind is racing thinking about: the Posh party I should be sharing my clothes to, the five other things on my work to-do list for tomorrow, the nail polish color I want to paint my nails for fall, needing to finish season 5 of The Walking Dead, and where I can buy more throw pillows for our bed. One big "YIKES", I know.

In an effort to try to slow down, clear my mind, and actually do that thing they called breathing - I thought I would compile a list of ways that I think are the most effective ways to WOOSAH (for me, and you).

Breathe, and slow down: No, not like your every day effort to live. This a reminder for yourself that it's okay to slow down, close your eyes, and literally just focus on breathing in and breathing out. Breathe in, hold it for three seconds, and let it out. Do it again. And again. And again. It's especially nice when done near where a pumpkin spice cheesecake candle is burning. #KahlaHacks

Exercise: Obviously not only beneficial to your physical health, but your mental health as well. Channel that stress and use it to your advantage in your workouts to push yourself harder. Get to the gym and get yourself ALL OF THE ENDORPHINS. Go for a run and get yourself ALL OF THE ENDORPHINS. Join a kickball league and get yourself ALL OF THE ENDORPHINS. They're all there waiting for you to snatch up and give you all of the positive feels.

Find a space to clear your head, and go there: Last week, when I was feeling especially stressed Ben and I found ourselves down at the beach, laying on a blanket, and just talking about anything we could think of. It was a suggestion from my dad that I was hesitant to take. Right after he suggested it, my mind immediately went to the five other things I could be doing at home instead of lying uselessly on the beach on a Tuesday night. To my surprise, it turned out that lying uselessly on the beach on a Tuesday night was exactly what I needed to be doing. It gave me a chance to zone out and just BE. I focused on the now: Ben, the sound of the waves, the sand, the clouds floating by and the shapes we thought they looked like, the stars. Everything that had happened earlier that day didn't matter as much and anything ahead was forced to be pushed to the side. If you have a spot like this, go there. If you don't, find one. It is SO essential.

Turn your gadgets off: iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, all of it - OFF. You'll get a chance to just focus on the here, now, and what's in front of you without any distraction or your screen lighting up begging for you to check it. I'll admit, this one is especially hard for me. Insert any social media site here and I'm constantly glued to it. I'll label this one as a MAYJ work in progress for myself, but shoutout to the "Do Not Disturb" feature on my iPhone for making this a little easier. You da real MVP.

Plan ahead: Whatever you need to do to make the week ahead easier - do it. For me, that means checking the calendar to see what's going on over the next few days. It means dedicating part of my Sunday to meal prepping. It means waking up early and having my "me time" to actually sit and focus on what needs to be prioritized for the day ahead and what can be pushed to the back corner of my mind for later stressing. You can never be over prepared.

Yoga: I'll be honest, I've yet to try this for myself as a stress reliever. I've taken a yoga class here and there, however I know this is something that would be beneficial as a more regular part of my routine. An hour class of stretching and breathing with no phone in hand? I'm pretty sure that's the absolute definition of relaxation and de-stressing.

Finding your inner woosah yet? In today's world it's so easy to forget that we don't always need to be so go, go, go. Take time for yourself to relax and refocus. It could save you a breakdown later on down the road, and trust me, that's speaking from multiple experiences.

What are some of your favorite ways to destress?

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