Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall Wish List.

Fall Wish List | Keeping Up with Kahla

Confession: I already own way more fall clothes than any Florida girl ever should. However, the heat doesn't stop me for keeping an eye out for some future fall essentials, or from sipping the occasional hot grande soy PSL.

| one | I have been loving flannels lately. Not only are they the perfect layering essential, but by themselves they can give off such an effortless look. I'm pretty picky when it comes to the color combos, but this white and navy Rails flannel is so much yaaas. 

| two | HOW comfy do ponchos look? I'll be honest, when I saw one in American Eagle I was a little confused. Where were the sleeves?! When I realized what it was, I kind of loved it. Ponchos are basically the fall/winter version of those lightweight kimonos we all know and love so much. Another great layering piece. It's like a blanket that's socially acceptable to wear out in public. #FashionWin

| three | Stripes here, stripes there, stripes everywhere. Pretty much every striped dress that I've seen on Pinterest has made it to my fall/winter closet board. I love how casual they are, and how adorable they look with booties. I'm looking WAY ahead, but it's definitely a piece that could go from winter to spring. Which also means I'd be able to wear it for most of the year bc LOL Florida.

| four | Oh, the J. Crew herringbone vest. Such a sore subject. It's a closet staple that I regret not buying last year, and a piece that my closet still mourns for not having yet. The one shown in my collage is "steely grey", but I refuse to settle for any color other than the traditional black patterned one. 

| five | Currently I have two big floppy hats from American Eagle, but I'm convinced I need a smaller version. This Nordstrom hat looks like it would be a perfect fall staple. Gimme all da colors.

| six | Out of all of the boots that I have, I still don't own a pair of tall black ones. It's shameful, really. I think these are probably the highest ranked item on my list of fall wishes (why did I list these last?). Frye boots are just so classic, and these specific ones have back deets for ya feets. The zipper detailing pretty much screams "Kahla, you NEED these."

Although I was born and raised in the Sunshine State, it's safe to say my closet is anything but Florida-esque. Seasons would be nice, especially so then I could validate why I own more sweaters than there are "cold" days in Florida.

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