Sunday, September 13, 2015

This Weekend We:

This weekend we:

  • Had Taco Bus for the first time in forever. YUM. 
  • Saw Josh Abbott Band live for the first time at the Dallas Bull. They were good, but I wish I had known more than one song of theirs. 
  • Enjoyed a bloomin' onion at Outback, while trying not to feel TOO guilty about it. But really, what's in that bloomin' sauce that makes it SO addicting?
  • Bought an HD converter box to get our HD channels back (since we got rid of cable last month and our HD channels went with it) only to find it wasn't compatible with our TV. Oops. 
  • Made sure we took advantage of the BOGOs at Publix. Normally our grocery shopping gets done at good ole' Super Tar-jay, but it's so worth taking the time to check the Publix mobile app to see what food goodies you can stock up on. I'm going to try to make this a habit every time we grocery shop.
  • Also made sure we took advantage of the Target Cartwheel app for deals while grocery shopping. Being a reg at Target, you'd think I'd know to use this app but truth be told I have been severely missing out. It's so EASY to use. After downloading the app, sign in, and start scanning the items you're throwing in your cart. It'll let you know if there are any deals on those items instantly with a sweet little jingle (or give you an alernate option that is eligible for discount!). It pretty much becomes an addictive game and the reward at the end is the money saved. #chaCHING
  • Bought a new comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond. A lot of people complain that they leave Target with the one thing they needed, plus ten others they didn't. While this is me at Target, it's also 10x-worse-me at BB&B. This trip I discovered the Kate Spade comforter section and it was basically love at first sight. After taking my favorite patterned choice off the shelf, trying to convince Ben of why we absolutely needed it, putting it back on the shelf, immediately regretting that decision, taking it back off of the shelf and straight to the register, I'm happy to report that our bed is now covered in the dark grey "harbor stripe" pattern. 
  • Organized our fridge. The actual reason we went to Bed Bath & Beyond were for some fridge organizers that I saw online. We found an egg crate, as well as a divided bin to hold my Perriers on one side, and yogurts on the other. My inner neat-freak is doing cartwheels on the inside, and if I could physically do one I'd probably be doing them on the outside too.
  • Lit fall candles and pretended that fall is actually hitting Florida soon. LOL. 
  • Watched football for most of our Sunday. So far I'm at 11 out of 13 correct on my weekly pick 'em so I'm a happy gal. Full disclosure: my personal strategy for pick em's is to fill it out in in less than 30 seconds using reasons like: "I love Nashville. Nashville's in Tennessee. Mmm Tennessee sounds like a good choice". 
  • Got our meal prepping done early so that we could spend the rest of our Sunday night flipping between the football game and Miss America pageant. 
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend as well. Make that Monday a good one. 


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