Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kahla Currently | One

Feeling: Accomplished. We're getting back on track with the gym around here after not going for a week (or two). It's easier to validate not going when you have league teams for softball and kickball twice a week. Somehow playing a sport outside feels less like exercise and more like, well, fun. Our softball league ended on Monday which means more gym-time is now a must.

Watching: Nothing! We just finished catching up on Fear the Walking Dead and I already know there's no way I'll make it to 2016 for new episodes without having another TV/Netflix distraction to turn to. Any recommendations?

Loving: My blog makeover. It was time for a change over here, and this new look from Munich Designs is just what I needed. Not to mention it inspired me to get my 'About' page and 'About Me' finished. It's been a long time coming.

Eating: One of my favorite breakfasts right now is a piece of toast with drizzled honey, and a cup of cottage cheese. So easy, so filling. Cottage cheese is seriously underrated y'all.

Listening To: My girl Tay. I'm going to see her on Saturday in Tampa with my friend Chris (ALL CAPS BEYOND EXCITED). In obvious preparation it's going to be nonstop Swifty tunes until then.

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