Friday, October 23, 2015

Haulin': Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack Hall.
We finally have a Nordstrom Rack about 15 minutes away from where I live. "Hallelujah!" - Me, "Oh no" - my bank account, and Ben probably simultaneously. Last Saturday I was on a shopping mission to find a Lightning tee (#gobolts) for the game that evening. So naturally, I bought everything but said Lightning tee (#goshopping).

| one | I'm SO guilty of always defaulting to my Northface or Patagonia sweaters when I'm in need of something cozy to wear over my outfit. While I love my favorite fleeces, it's nice to own a hoodie that has that lil somethin' somethin' extra AKA that drape front. I spotted it while swiping through a circular rack of jackets on jackets on jackets. At first glance I gave it the pass over, only to swipe my way back to it, give myself a quick mental rundown of what I could pair it with, walked away, then walked all the way back across the store to try this jacket on. Now it's hanging in my closet, waiting for its debut.

| two | This hi-lo tee in blue was the closest I came to a Lightning tee. No rAgrets though because not only did I wear it to the game that night, but I know it'll be a repeat offender when it comes to my fall outfits. I snagged the red color too. Basics are SO essential. The rule: when you find a good basic, you buy two (or five if you really love all of the colors).

| three | This is the short sleeved version of the quarter sleeved top that I bought, and for the life of me could NOT find online. The top is very Free People-esque, without the Free People price. It has the perfect flow, just enough ruffles at the bottom, and will pair perfectly with my black booties and leggings. Saying I'm giddy about wearing this one is an understatement, and the tags haven't even been removed yet.

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