Wednesday, November 4, 2015


It's 8:22 AM on a Wednesday and I think it's safe to say that I am finally somewhat recovered from the experience that was Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour in Tampa last Saturday. The final tour stop on the North American leg, thank you very much. This is not to be confused with being fully recovered from my post-concert blues - I don't see those going away for a while.

#1989tourTampa was epic. It was waiting an hour and a half in traffic just to get in and blasting our TS CDs to pass the time. It was missing Shawn Mendes singing Stitches live (still not over it). It was wristbands we were given upon entry that we learned lit up and synced with all of Tay's set when she came out with Welcome to New York (SO COOL). It was section 300 seats, but not caring because we were there and that's all that mattered. It was theatrical. #1989tourTampa was Alessia Cara and Idina Menzel as special guests. It was Taylor coming out in an Olaf costume. It was me realizing that I really need to see Frozen because I'm clearly doing life wrong. It was remixes and new beats to old favorites. It was a full stadium singing every word to every song, holding nothing back, because us Swifties know Taylor holds nothing back when she's on that stage.

I've seen Taylor live twice now. Each time I've left the venue I realize that there's just nothing quite like a Taylor Swift concert, because it's not just a concert. It's a full-on-give-it-everything-she's-got performance.



  1. I was there too!!! Such an amazing show!

  2. Yessss omg just amazing. I can't get over it. #permanentpostconcertblues


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