Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kahla Currently | Two

[Roadtrip to Charleston, SC edition]

Feeling: Sickly. I caught a cold last Saturday – stuffy nose, sore throat, the whole nine. At any given moment I’m running on DayQuil, NyQuil, Zicam, and a nose spray that my grandma gave me that works wonders.

Watching: The “We’re Glad Georgia’s On Your Mind” state sign go by. 4 hours later into our roadtrip and we’ve finally made it to the Georgia state line. Only 3 hours and 19 minutes left until we’re in Charleston, SC.

Netflixing: We just finished season one of How to Get Away with Murder (or as we like to call it, MUUURRRRDDERR). Holy WOW what a show. Highly highest of all the highs recommend if you need a new series to binge on. Now the inevitable wait for season two to be added ensues.

Eating: Trail mix (the Caramel Cashew mix from Target, to be exact) and beef jerky aka the ultimate road trip snacks. We packed turkey sandwiches for a quick on the road lunch – saved us some time and money. Efficiency FTW.

Wearing: Crop leggings, a gray tee, and birks. Hair is in a high pony, and it’s makeup-free Wednesday. As you can tell, I’m really going for that bum-chic look today y’all. Don’t judge - I’m a sickling and we had a seven hour road trip on our agenda.

Loving: My new Soda taupe booties I purchased from Tilly’s (featured here). I packed them for this trip and already can’t wait to walk down King Street in them.

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