Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gym Bag 'Sentials

Duffel / Apple Watch Hair Ties / Headband / Twist Headband / Wireless Headphones /
Water Bottle / Gym Towel / Deodorant / Clif Bar

Whether you're a new year, new me-er or a bona fide gym rat, the new year upon us gives everyone a reason to step up their game to be a better version of themselves. Workout plans and gym routines are two things you need for a successful, more toned you - but what good are they if you get to the gym to find you forgot your headphones and your girl Britney won't be in your ear telling you that you better werk for what you want? I shudder at the thought. Let's avoid that tragic moment together with these gym bag essentials to get you prepped and ready for that sweat sesh you're about to put in.

Fitness Tracker: I'm obsessive about knowing my progress when it comes to steps taken or calories burned. Whether you're #teamapple or #teamfitbit, it's important to have a visual picture of how you're doing and how much further you need to go to achieve your goals. The best thing about these trackers is that they give you a little something called accountability. If you're like me, this will already be on your wrist before you pack your gym bag.

Headbands & hair ties: When it comes to these, pack extra. You never know when your hair band may snap. Nobody likes the feeling of sweat matted hair on their back. Gross.

Headphones: Wired, wireless, what have you. While the gym's choice of music may work for some, I'd rather be listening to my own Spotify gym playlist. It's music that I know will keeping pushing me to do that extra set of reps. Ben bought me the pair linked above for Christmas that I can't wait to try with my Apple watch.

Refuels: Your body needs energy. Clif bars are great for pre or post workout snacks. Hydration is key so don't forget your favorite water bottle. The first thing I do at the gym is make sure mine is filled to the top. I refill it at least twice throughout my workouts.

Sweat Combats: Deodorant and gym towels are your BFFs here. I always have an extra deodorant stick in my gym bag for before and after a gym sesh. Sweat towels are a better option for wiping your face than your workout tank top. SDSG - stay dry and smell good, y'all.

Lululemon duffel packed, and mind focused on a better you - let's make 2016 sweaty, toned, and goal-driven. You and your gym bag are prepared, after all. 


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