Friday, January 15, 2016

Headphone Highlights: Brothers Osborne

If Rum by Brothers Osborne wasn't your favorite song of summer 2014, then we can't be friends.

This is yet another duo discovered by stumbling across one of their songs and not being able to find anything about them because they were still too new. My favorites somehow always end up being these ones.

When Rum first played through my car's speakers, it was on a random HD radio channel that played old, new, and unreleased country songs. Key words: unreleased country songs which is exactly what Rum was at the time. Immediately upon hearing it, I tried to find the song online. Nada, nothing, zilch. It was like the song didn't exist outside of the station. Unfortunately for me, this station has since been removed from the air (although maybe I'll experience less frustration this way). Rum was eventually released to major radio stations as a single and the mystery was solved - or was it just beginning?

Who was Brothers Osborne and why was their song so dang grabby? I blame the mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmms.

Any way you slice or dice it, when you listen to BROS you know they're definitely doing something very right. During a time where country music is starting to all blend together a bit, this duo offers something different to the table. Something real.

Hits include, but are CERTAINLY not limited to:

Stay a Little Longer - I'm not joking when I say that Ben and I played this video of BROS performing this song at least 100 times on the road trip down to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for Tortuga Music Festival in 2014. We learned every. word. and it was the best version of the song that we could find online at the time. Also, pretty sure I had to pay for the extra data usage on our phone bill that month. #sorrymom #worthit

21 Summer - Another song that was played on that same HD station from above which means it was also unreleased everywhere. UGH. The biggest aha moment? I had no idea who sang it, until we saw BROS at perform at Tortuga and they started playing the familiar tune. No wonder I loved the song so much. I died in the front row. And by "front row" I really mean a crowd of 20 people spaced out in the open area in front of their stage, while we were barricade-leaning-front-and-center because I wasn't settling for anything less.

More songs that are sure to be faves: Arms of Fire, Shoot From the Hip, and It Ain't My Fault.

BROS has just released their full length album today titled Pawn Shop. You better believe it'll be the only thing that'll be flowing through my ear buds all day at work. May or may not have the replay auto-set on 21 Summer at any given moment. Most likely may. Don't judge, I've been waiting for this moment.

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