Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kahla Currently | Three

Feeling: Slightly back on track. The holidays were abundantly filled with all of the best things: family, friends, and food. The one thing they weren't filled with? Routine. We went grocery shopping last night for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Our fridge is finally stocked and we planned a menu of food for the week. It puts me at ease knowing we're somewhat back to normal. 

Netflixing: Making a Murderer. I mean really, who isn't? So eye opening. If it's this big of a conspiracy, how do they make sure so many people's stories stay in tact? Who kept calling Teresa? Why is the brother not a suspect? So many questions. 

Loving: This smoothie (sans the tablespoon of sugar). It's my current go to breakfast in the name of getting back on track for 2016. It's so easy to prep the night before and blend in the AM. 

Organizing: Our back room. We finally cleaned it up enough to where it doesn't make me go crazy every time I look at it. Storage is tight in our apartment, but it turns out that under our bed is a pretty solid (and hidden) space - especially for wedding stuff that we won't need until November. Which is only 10 months away, BTDUBS. Yeesh.

Buying: My first turtleneck in YEARS. Clearly forgetting the fact that I live in Florida (or just deciding I that didn't care). Shouts to Forever21, and my sister for finding it in the chaos of that store.

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