Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On Finding THE Dress

For the longest time I swore up and down that I would wear Kate Hudson's Vera Wang ballgown wedding dress from Bride Wars on my wedding day. Even years before the Ben era, I was so sure that as long as I was walking down the aisle in that dress toward my happily ever after then nothing else would matter.

Wrong. So wrong.

The first time I tried on dresses was on a Sunday post-maxing out at a birthday brunch for my aunt. I should really preface this with the fact that 1. It was not my choice, and 2. it was definitely not my choice. My developing food baby and I politely declined the idea to go wedding dress shopping, however with my mom driving and my grandma insisting, there was little to no room for swaying the decision. And so, we went. I tried on a close replica of my beloved Bride Wars dress and realized I didn't absolutely-head-over-heels love it. Blame the brunch feast or my high expectations, but I had my visions shattered (straight HIMYM style). I left the store in a mess of disappointment and confusion.

I then fell for yet another dress, but this time it was one that I found on Pinterest. I also had my hopes crushed from the original store I was intending to try it on at. See: this post.

I made a dress appointment at a second bridal shop just for the sake of, well, starting somewhere. They didn't carry my Pinterest dream dress, but it was time to begin the search and at least try on some different styles.

In and out of dresses I went for a good hour or two. Some beaded. Some strapless. Some poofy. Some so tight that it was impossible to move, let alone breathe. We had our favorite dresses from the day but I couldn't stop thinking about my Pinterest one. I knew that committing to anything would be impossible until I had a chance to try on that dress.

Cue Cici's Bridal Boutique in Tampa. I found out they carried an exact replica of the dress that I wanted by a different designer. Angels sang and I'm pretty sure I yelled hallelujah at one point. I scheduled an appointment and went last weekend.

Half expecting to be disappointed, and half expecting that I was building it up way too much - I tried it on. Based on my last experience, I was mentally preparing myself for the chance that it wasn't going to be everything that I thought it would be.

Wrong again. So wrong.

Ya know those wedding dress "moments" they talk about it? When you put it on and you just "know"? It turns out they're SO real and I had mine last Saturday at Cici's. Upon walking out of the fitting room with the dress on, I could see it on my mom's, grandma's, and sister's faces. When I got to the mirror and took a good look at myself, I couldn't stop from tearing up. This was it. I didn't want to keep searching. This was THE dress. This was THE moment that I knew for sure. I was getting married in THIS dress. I'm still giddy as I type this. :)

And so, it was purchased. It will be at the store sometime in June, and then the real fun begins - fittings.

289 Days. #Brulyweds

My consultant was the cutest! And Cici's writes your name on the window when you have an appointment there. Also, don't mind the photobombing plant.


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