Thursday, January 7, 2016

Resolutions: 2016

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We are 7 days into 2016, people. 7 DAYS. I finally have my list of resolutions and in the name of accountability I'm posting them for the world to see. Also, I love the idea of being able to do a look back at what was (hopefully) accomplished once 2017 is upon us.

Live a little "lighter".  I think this can mean something different for everyone. For me, it just means simpler. Getting rid of the clutter and making room for the necessary. I found emptying out our back room recently has immensely helped ease my mind, mostly because now I don't see a mannequin and an end table we're never going to use staring back at me while I'm sitting in the living room.

Travel somewhere new.  This one is literally always on my list.

Have a staycation.  Big toughie for me. I always want to venture out of Florida, but I'm going to give this one actual effort this year. I've heard you'll be surprised by what you'll find in "your own backyard".

Attempt a 3  (or 7, eek, let's just stick with the 3) day juice cleanse.  I've tried a one day-er. It was hard. I must be crazy.

Save $$$.  Also another one always on my list. Motivator: ready to own a house SO bad.

Be more present. I'm guilty of being addicted to my phone. On car rides. At home. Before I go to bed. Always checking something. Always posting something. It turns out there isn't any glue between my hand and said cellular device (I checked!), so I'm going to try to put. it. down.

Find a new activity/class to stick with. A gym can sometimes become a little monotonous. I'm so happy that we joined my work's kickball team last year, and we're continuing it into this year. It feels less like a workout, and more like fun. I'd love to find something else to throw onto the weekly schedule that will keep me active.

Go out less, stay at home more. Have more nights in with friends. In reference to #5, there's no reason why we can't have a date night at home, or even have friends over for dinner and a movie. It saves money for us, as well as our friends. Win/win. Plus, when we do go out it will be considered a luxury that means more.

Blog more. This will happen.

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