Friday, January 29, 2016

Spot Snap | Four

  1. Let It Go - James Bay (I literally just fell in love with this song yesterday)
  2. Youth - Troy Sivan
  3. Stop and Rewind - Jordan Gray
  4. High, We Do, American Love Story - Lanco (Three songs on one line, #sorrynotsorry. These guys will probably be a Headphone Highlights feature soon)
  5. Don't Touch My Radio - Jana Kramer
  6. Mayday - Cam
  7. She's Taken - Drew Baldridge
  8. Somewhere On A Beach - Dierks Bentley (She got a bodaaayyyy)
  9. THE ENTIRE PAWN SHOP ALBUM BY BROS - DUH (cc: my HH feature on them here)
  10. Shortcuts - Jacob Powell


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