Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wedding Planning: The Price of "Free"

It feels so good to finally say that things are moving right along with wedding planning. For a while, just the thought of how little we had planned was overwhelming. I shuddered at the thought of people asking us about any and all wedding details because it only ended with Ben and I hearing lectures about how we needed to get the ball rolling.

Which obviously, I get it. Planning a wedding is no easy task.

We're having ours in my uncle's backyard and with the price of "free", that basically translates to anything but all-inclusive. Which then translates to we're responsible for finding and booking any and all vendors that we'll need. We'll have to search for any and all decor we'll need. Every single detail must be thought through by, you guessed it, US. There isn't a wedding coordinator that comes with this venue. A recommended vendor list? Yeah - in my dreams. This is the actual price of "free". This may also be how normal wedding planning goes, and I'm just being overly-dramatic, but that's neither here nor there.

I will say that it's some kind of magical therapy to check off the boxes for each to-do item under each monthly to-do timeline in my wedding planner.

So far:

  • Our BBQ food truck is booked and dunzo - YAY
  • Engagement photos are done (endless thank yous to Ben's mom) - now all that's left to do is sort them
  • My MOH and Bridesmaids are locked in. See how I asked them: HERE
  • Ben finally asked his groomsmen this past weekend and we now know for sure that I won't be the only one standing with people on my side on our wedding day
  • I've tried on dresses once, with an appointment coming this Saturday to narrow down the choices
  • I learned how much of a workout it is to get in and out of said wedding dresses - it is NO joke y'all
  • We've only considered eloping about three times (this week, it's only Wednesday)
  • We have a meeting scheduled with a videographer next week (thanks Haley!)
  • I'm waiting to hear back from a rustic decor rental company to see if we can do an in-person tour of everything they offer, since I'm convinced things magically disappear and reappear on their website
  • We're in the process of setting up in-person meetings with photographers
Our goal right now is to knock out at least one thing each week. If we're lucky, two.

If you're a bride to be, or a bride that was and you have tips on staying on top of this craziness - please enlighten me in comments. I'd love some tips and tricks to keep myself from pulling my hair out. Wine only does so much.

296 more days. #Brulyweds


  1. Spreadsheets and those productivity apps saved me (although you are probably already using them). Wedding Wire's app is helpful in determining timelines and budgets. Apps like Evernote keep your ideas about flowers, decor, etc organized and easy to peruse. or a similar app (Wunderlist or even Google Keep) is great for making sure things are done. You can create different to-do lists with different categories (photography, decor, bridal clothes/accessories) so that what needs to be done for each aspect is clearly defined, and little things aren't missed. You can even share to-do lists with others, so whoever is helping you with a particular task/project can check off what they've accomplished!

    I remember the littlest details being so overwhelming at the time. I obsessed over placecard design, and now I have no clue what they looked like. It's easy to feel like things are out of your control, but at the end of the day, if major things are taken care of - food and what everyone is wearing, pretty much - everything else will take care of itself. And even if that doesn't happen, you still get to spend the rest of your life with an awesome person :)


    1. I do love my lists and these are all such helpful tips & tricks :). It seriously is SO easy to get overwhelmed with even the smallest details. The most important detail is the one I'm walking down the aisle to. I'm definitely going to look into those apps. Thanks so much Moira. :)

  2. Just found your blog! It is super cute, congrats on getting married!

    1. So glad you stumbled across it :)! Thanks so much!


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