Monday, February 1, 2016

Business Profashionable

I work in an office that is jeans casual all of the time. On any given work day, you can find me wearing Birks and a Polo t-shirt.  

Nothing that I wear to work can be categorized as business professional and this poses a problem. Why you ask? Because we have our Educational Conference coming up this week and I'll give you one guess on what the dress code is.

Struggling last week - I quickly made a business profesh closet board on Pinterest. If I could get any ideas of what to wear, I knew I could rely on the big red P. I was somewhat right. Although I had some Pinspo, I still couldn't quite nail the BP look right away when I hit the mall with my sister this past weekend.

We started in Dillard's. Blazers, jackets, dress pants, collared shirts. Every combo possible, I tried it on but it just wasn't working. The outfits lacked color. They lacked print. They lacked making me feel confident because they just didn't feel like, well, me. I started fretting. If I couldn't pull off a suit, then how could I make this work?

That's when it hit me - business professional doesn't only have to mean suits. It doesn't only have to mean all black. It doesn't have to mean putting on outfits that make you feel like you're in your 40s, when you're actually only 24. It's 2016, people. Business professional can be professional, AND profashionable.

With that mindset, Kaci and I went from store to store and built an outfit from the shoes up. Well, technically the printed pants were the first purchase, but we based all of the decisions on THE most perfect heels that she found online. Wait until you see them linked below. #shoelust

You know what they say, alls well that ends well with printed pants and strap top heels. Or maybe that was just me saying that on Saturday when Kaci and I left the mall.


|| Pants: Express
|| Shirt: Express
|| Shoes: Sam Edelman
|| Shoes: Nine West


  1. Prior to going back to school and working in the professional world, Express was my absolute go-to! And they always have killer sales. Banana Republic/J-Crew Factory outlet stores were favorites, too :) Have fun at the conference!

    1. Thanks Samantha! LOVE Express and JCF! It is such a struggle to find professional clothes while making sure they actually fall into that category. Ya girls tryna look cute out here, not stuffy.


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