Friday, February 12, 2016

Product Review: Southern Firefly Candle Co.

It's weird to think there was ever a time that I wasn't "into" candles. Why spend the money on something that would literally burn out, when I could spend all of my money on ripped Hollister skinny jeans?

Highschool was a fun time.

Then something miraculous happened in my 20s - I got my own place with Ben and all I ever wanted in life was for our little condo to smell good. At this point, it just feels downright weird when we're home and don't have a candle burning.

The latest scentsation filling our place? Southern Firefly Candle Co.. The obsession began last Christmas when my friend Haley gave me their Nashville candle as a gift. Yes - a Nashville smelling candle. Is there literally any other candle that could be more perfect for me? I think not, and obviously Haley didn't either. It's no secret to anyone how obsessed I am with that city.

As luck would have it, SFCC is actually a Nashville based company. Their candle collection is soy based and they burn baby burn for weeks. I burned our Nashville one for hours yesterday and I don't see any sign of it burning out soon. SFCC prides themselves on the fact that their candles are eco-friendly, and if that's not enough, their candle containers are re-purposeful to use as a drinking glass. Smell good, do good, feel good, amirite?

Today, I'll be reviewing 3 candles from their Classic Collection and 1 candle from their Destination Series (I'm sure you can probably guess which).

Classic Collection - Amber Oak: Currently burning this one as I type this blog post. I love using the word "woodsy" for this one. I mean rightfully so, oak is actually in the name. There are light subtle hints of sweetness that come through to balance out the rustic. This balance is every bit romantic. It's safe to say I know which one I'll be burning on Valentine's Day this Sunday.

Classic Collection -  Wasabi Melon: I know what you're thinking. Wasabi whaaa? Don't write it off just yet. This one is unique. It's a balance of fresh and clean, with just a touch of that melon sweetness. Much like the wasabi we all know and love to use to clean our palettes when we're out enjoying sushi. This candle is the one you want burning when you're relaxing after a hard Monday. It'll allow you to take one big woooosahhh, while you breathe in a clean slate for the Tuesday ahead.

Classic Collection - Grapefruit Mangosteen: One word for this one: summertime. The sweet and sour citrus-y tones will make you wish you were on a beach, wearing your best floppy hat, with a cold popsicle in hand. Or ya know, a vodka club. Those are cold too.

Destination Series - Nashville: Drumroll please, because this one is my absolute favorite. It beats out any Bath and Body Works candle that I thought I knew and loved (#sorrynotsorry). It's not even because I'm biased. The leather and whiskey scent mix is spot on. You get the dry notes of the leather smell while the sweet tones of the whiskey pillow through. It instantly brings me back to walking past those boot stores in downtown Nashville while country cover music plays all day. Let's be real, if a candle is going to transport me anywhere after I smell it - it better be Nash.

*All reviewed candles are directly linked for your clicking convenience

Southern Firefly Candle Co. has changed the candle game in the best of ways. Let this southern charm become a staple in your home. They'll have you second guessing that beloved Yankee Candle that you're currently burning.

Shop them now and use code "CHEERS20" for 20% off your order.


*This post was made in collaboration with Southern Firefly Candle Co. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


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