Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sweet Treats: Valentine's Day

I bought Ben's Valentine's Day gift last weekend; however if you're following me on Pinterest then you know that I can't stop pinning all of the cutest recipes for the holiday of l-o-v-e. It's a clear sign that I need to wipe the dust off of my Kitchenaid mixer and pretend like I know how to bake something.

The word "pretend" is not to be used lightly here, folks. Ben handles any cooking or baking that doesn't involve a microwave. I poached an egg this past weekend and I literally consider that a major kitchen victory, because well, it is.

Pinterest gives me the illusion that I can bake all the things. These recipes were just too sweet to pass up. Here are some of my pink-ified picks for the day of lurrrve:

Oreo Pops - Ben is Oreo obsessed. I seriously have to pull him away from the aisle every time we go grocery shopping because of this whole "healthy lifestyle" thing. I'm sure these would be a home run.

Red Velvet Pancakes - How lush do these sound? And the cream cheese frosting - ugh. The good kind of "ugh", of course.

Loaded Cookie Bars -  Looks to be an easy peasy recipeasy. If I can count the amount of ingredients on one hand (there's only five!), that's normally a really good sign for my kitchen-capades.

Strawberry Milkshake Cookies - There's something about these cookies being completely pink that makes them 10x cuter than ordinary cookies. Add a glass of milk, and we're good ta go.

Valentine's Bark - This is really customizable, so it'd be easy to tweak these to Ben's liking. I might even add in craisins - he loves those. Only on half though because I can't stand them.

Strawberry Pretzel Bars - These bars hit all of the perfect sweet and savory notes. Strawberries make these healthy-ish, right? Major emphasis on the ish.

Are you planning on baking your beau something special this V-Day? Are you attending a Galentine's Day party that you need to bring a dessert to? If all goes well, and our kitchen is still standing on Sunday - I'll be posting a review of the sweet treat I choose to make.

Stay tuned.

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