Monday, February 15, 2016

We Spent Our VDay at a PDQ, and That's OK.

Valentine's Day started with a gigantic handmade card, chocolates, pretty pink tulips, and a scavenger hunt to my car that had been loaded the night before with Sirius XM (thanks babe!). How it ended was not what I was expecting.

I'm the first person to say "treat yo'self" and take advantage of a holiday that means you can dress nicely, put on your favorite heels, and enjoy a nice expensive meal out with your favorite guy. Sure, you can go out any night, and express your love for each other every day - but throwing the words "Valentine's Day" in front of the term "date night" just gives it a different feel, even for Ben and I.

Since last Friday, we had a dinner reservation for Valentine's Day at Del Frisco's Grille - a steak restaurant in Tampa. Because we made the reservation so late, the only time slot that we could book for dinner was at 9:30 at night.

Now ask me where we ended up for dinner last night. I'll give you a hint, it wasn't in Tampa.

It was the grand opening of a PDQ that was 5 minutes away from our condo.

You may be wondering why I'm not typing a ranting post about how disappointed I am. How I seem so okay with the fact that we ended up with chicken tenders and dipping sauces instead of perfectly cooked steaks and expensive wine. I'll tell you:

  • The later it got, the less appealing the hour drive to the restaurant became. Even though Ben and I's dinner reservation was at 9:30pm, it's safe to assume we probably wouldn't have eaten until closer to 10:15pm. With a finish closer to 11:30pm (or later), we still would have had to make that drive back home. No thank you.
  • Ben and I have never even been to Del Frisco's Grille, so we don't know what we missed out on. It was a last minute decision to get a reservation there anyway. 
  • We saved at least $150, if not more, by not going to Del Frisco's.
  • Our $12 bottle of wine from Publix tasted just as good as the drinks we probably would've ordered at $12/glass. Another money saver, and I have wine leftover for tonight. 
  • We were able to watch the premiere of #TheWalkingDead. It was so worth the omgs, no ways, and the what is literally happening right nows.
  • Del Frisco's Grille will always be there to try at a normal dinner time on any given date night without the rush of the Valentine's Day-ers. 
  • And most importantly, it hit me that it doesn't matter where you go for Valentine's Day. You can go to a fancy steakhouse, or you can go to a local PDQ. You can end the night with overpriced dessert and a long drive home, or you can end it makeup-less, in pjs, sipping $12 wine with the the one you love, while watching zombs on tv. 

I promise you'll be just as happy either way.



  1. I spent my Valentine's Day working...meh! But my boyfriend and I spent the morning of the 13th walking around Tampa's Riverwalk and ended the afternoon at Ciccio Cali for lunch :) Nothing fancy, but like you said, it's more about spending time with the person you love. PDQ and The Walking Dead premiere sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day to me!

    1. Ahh no bueno, but it's sweet that you two celebrated early! I get too caught up in the "OMG it's VDay, we must celebrate". So, to have a year with the realization of "No, Kahla. A bottle of wine from Publix and TWD is OK" is refreshing. It really is about just being with each other.


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