Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Wins | One

Monday shmonday. I'd like to request this weekend on rewind. I...

...kicked it off with Chipotle. I haven't had good ole Chipots in so long. There was a point in my life where I craved it all the time. Then I learned the calorie count in my Chipotle bowl and I cried. A lot. Now it's one of those "once in a while" treats.

...went shopping. I found this pair of Lucky Brand peep toe booties. They're listed online for $109, but were marked down for $40 in store at Dillard's. Score. I also bought the perfect pair of maroon pants from Loft. I can't wait to wear them to work. Both of these will be featured #ontheblog this week. 

...had 16 mini gourmet donuts from Mini Doughnut Factory in Tampa. Ben and I split each one so we could try halves of all of them. No regrets. The sweet pig was my fav. 

...realized with Haley how wonderful of a place the radio is about to be.

...tried this hairstyle for yesterday's blog shoot. Shoutout to Tresemmé hair spray and Kaci for being a literal hair guru.

...celebrated 50 years of love with my grandparents at Bobby's Bistro on Clearwater beach. It was a night of laughs, old stories, and four tables of family that took up half of the back room at the restaurant. To think it all started with these two people and has grown to five kids and fourteen of us grandkids. It's amazing to see and be a part of what love can accomplish. 

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