Friday, March 11, 2016

Kahla Currently | Four

Feeling: Excited! We're going to a bar crawl this weekend in downtown St. Pete called the St. Practice Day Bar Crawl. It's "practice" for the real St. Patty's Day although I think this will probably cover it for this year's celebration. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I'm already stressing over the fact that I literally don't own anything green to wear. It's funny how that only seems to matter for me one day a year. 

Netflixing: House of Cards, and the first season of Fixer Upper. We needed to balance Frank's scheming with Chip and Jo's farm sinks. It's nice to see those have always been a staple (I want one so bad!). Fun fact: in the first ever episode of Fixer Upper in that moment before the big pull-apart picture house reveal, Jo actually says "are you ready to see your new house?" instead of her normal tagline "are you ready to see your fixer upper?" #signsyouretooobsessedwithFU 

Loving:  MY NEW IPHONE 6S PLUS. In rose gold, obvs. I'm so happy that I made the leap to this new phone. My favorite part is how big it is, which ironically enough was the exact reason I didn't want it in the beginning.

Organizing: Our condo. Hopefully, soon. I reminded Ben that spring cleaning was upon us. I'm ready to purge the old, and not bring in the new until we have the space for it. 

Learning: How much I love racquetball (probably not to the surprise of my snapchat friends). Before you ask, no I don't know the rules just yet. Right now I'm just enjoying the therapy of hitting a ball with a racquet against four white walls for an hour at a time. Who needs yoga when you have this?

Stressing: Wedding stuff. We hit yet another road block with the Save the Dates - we can't print lightly colored ink on the black address labels that the company sent us. It's almost like they're too slick to print on and the printer is unable to catch them to make the print. LOL @ life. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do yet, aside from cry about it. Kidding. Kind of. 

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