Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lessons from My Blondecapades

For years I had been told to never go blonde. I'd ruin my hair. It'd go orange. It wouldn't look right. After two separate ombres, and some highlights, I was ready to take my chances against everyone's opinions and just do it. No more of this halfway-there business. If the Kardashians as dark as they were could join the lighter side, then so could I.

So, I did and I loved it. It was exactly the change that I needed for myself.

It's now ten months later and my blondecapades have ended (for now!). As Ben would say: I'm "back". While I sit here typing this post with a dark brown ombre, I have to chuckle to myself when I reflect on what I learned as "blonde Kahla":

Being a blonde was a PROCESS. During those ten months, it seemed like I was getting my hair "touched up" every few weeks. Something I was definitely not prepared for. Roots are annoying little thangs. Who knew they grew so fast?

Bleaching your hair is literally one of the worst feelings ever. SO. ITCHY. While I'd sit in the hair chair letting the bleach do its thing, I'd distract myself with Pinterest. My phone screen filled with my pin boards was the only way to divert my attention from wanting to intensively scratch my head off. Yikes.

Braids show up SO much better in blonde hair. Point blank. The struggle is so real for brunettes with this.

My self-confidence was at a weird low (at times!). This is something Ben picked up on. It's possible that this happened because going blonde was such a drastic change. I was always SO concerned about what color my hair was. Brassy? Ashy? Was it even blonde? Instagram filters were the ultimate frenemy. You see, lighter hair looks different under different lights  - and that's something that was hard for me to handle.

Obsession of wanting to go lighter. Every time I went in for a touch-up, I'd ask my stylist to go just a leeeettle bit lighter. It's like I was never blonde enough. But can you ever really be?

I learned what toning shampoo + conditioner was. I had never even heard of toning products in my pre-blonde life. By the second time I had my hair touched-up, I knew I had to use it religiously. Joico shampoo and conditioner were my literal life savers.

It was fun to try something different. Sometimes you just need a change, and your hair is something that's easy to manipulate.

My ten month blondeventure is something that I won't soon forget. By the time summer rolls around, I'll probably be craving it again. Alas, bigger goals are in place: like staying dark for our wedding in November. Until next year, I'll be busy enjoying my ombre - which really is the best of both worlds anyway.

Have you ever made a drastic change to yourself, whether it be your hair or something else? Did you love it or hate it?

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