Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On the Graze Craze

I like to consider myself an avid healthy snacker. From avocados topped with Sriracha, to a plain jane granny smith apple - I thrive on easy to eat, fresh snacks. That transition began at a time when I realized I was chowing down on foods like Doritos, Famous Amos cookies, and a whole plethora of taste-so-good snacks that did not make me feel-so-good after. It's a trade off. When you introduce cleaner snacks into your diet, you notice a difference - you feel, well, better.

This is the exact reason why I was so excited to collaborate with Graze! This company offers a multitude of clean, healthy snack packs to enjoy. Whether you're looking for that sweet tooth fix, savory craving, or protein punch - they have you covered. It's all packaged in the cutest eight pack snack box that shows up at your door monthly. The best part? The boxes are full of snacks catered to your choosing based on a survey that you fill out when you sign up with Graze.

I received two 4-pack sampler boxes to review from Graze, and the biggest con that I can think of is that both boxes are now gone.

4-Pack Sampler Box 1:

Booster Seeds: Perfect for the seed lover. Swap these for your favorite high calorie trail mix, or Planter's nuts sitting on your desk at work. The Booster Seeds pack gives a variety of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and golden flax seeds. These can also double as a great substitute for the croutons that you put on your salad for lunch.
The Cheese Board: I'm a cheese LOVER, but sometimes it's not acceptable to sit down and eat a pack of twenty mozzarella cheese sticks in one sitting. A better alternative? The Cheese Board snack pack from Graze. So savory, and so socially acceptable. This was also my sister's favorite.
Peppermint Patty: Cure that sweet tooth craving with this snack pack. I picked around the raisins because I'm a 25 year old child, but every other part of this was delicious. My favorite part was the yogurt coated sunflower seeds. They were a nice tart touch to the sweet dark chocolate buttons.
White Chocolate with Wild Blueberry Toasts: Another awesome cure for that sweet tooth we all know and love/hate. When eating this snack pack, it's hard to remember that you're not actually eating a crunchy blueberry muffin. It's. That. GOOD.

4-Pack Sampler Box 2:

Fruit & Seed Flapjack: Any snack pack that uses the word "rustic" in its description on the package is an auto shoe-in for me. These flapjacks beat out any Nature Valley bars that I buy from Target. It's nothing personal NV, they just taste better.
Kettle Kern Pops: Another savory treat. These kern pops reminded me of corn nuts. Fun to munch on, and a perfect salty snack.
Vitamin E Defense: Before this snack pack, I had never tried a hazelnut. Since I'm sure you're wondering, I'll tell you: no, it doesn't taste anything like a K-Cup of Green Mountain Hazelnut coffee. They are crunchy, and have a very light, barely there nutty taste to them. Unfortunately, this snack pack was a half of a hard pass for me since I'm not so craisins for raisins. My fiancĂ© loved this one. It reminded him of a healthy trail mix, given the balance of dried fruit and nuts.
Vitamin C Crush: Dried mango, pineapple, and coconut flakes can be found in this snack pack. I'm a little pineapple obsessed (I was one for Halloween last year, after all!) so those pieces were delicious. The dried mangos were good, however the coconut flakes weren't really for me. As much as I want to love coconut (and live the trendy life of a coconut water drinker), I just can't find it in my tastebuds to do it.

Graze has really hit the nail on the head with this snack pack delivery service. The portion sizes are perfect and the snack choices are abundant. I love how easy they are to throw in your bag and enjoy on the go. I'm even more excited after taking a look at their full list of available snacks. I mean really, how amaze does the Super Kale & Edamame snack pack sound?

The first time that you place an order, use special code "KAHLA" and receive a 4-pack sampler box fo' FREE. If you follow me on snapchat (kahlas), then you saw this code last week while I taste-tested these. Ya welcome.

Give Graze a try and let me know what you think. I'm certain you'll find it pretty Graze-mazing.


*This post was made in collaboration with Graze. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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