Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Wins | Five

Happy Monday y'all! I'm fighting the blues by recapping my weekend wins. They were...

...being framed for stealing a diamond, and having to clear our names. Ya know, just your typical Friday night. My work hosted an event at Escape Thrill planned by yours truly. Our group was in the Diamond Heist room. Luckily for us were able to retrieve the diamond from its rightful thieves. Celebrations ensued thinking we had accomplished everything we had to. Only to realize seconds later when the time ran out that we hadn't actually ESCAPED the room. Whoops.

...having cereal for dinner, and not regretting it. Sometimes it's OK not to be an adult.

...karaoke-ing. Hard. Who can guess which song Ben and I covered? A full video of this epic moment exists, but for now a vid-still will have to do. Watch out for our 2017 tour. Coming to a city near you.

...enjoying the epitome of #MarchMadness, cheering for Duke while Ben cheered on Yale at BDubs. All while enjoying fried pickles and Rising Sun Wings. These wings are LTO and SO citrusy delicious. 

...this NOMAZING tomato and mozz toast from The Cheesecake Factory. We went to dinner there to celebrate my mom and sister's birthdays last night. This toast is brand new and part of their "super foods" menu. Try it nowwww.

...enjoying brunch with some of my favorite ladies at First Watch. I was able to meet Baby Paisley for the first time over quinoa breakfast bowls, yoga pants, and spilled coffees. Ben thinks the biggest accomplishment of the day was me willingly holding baby P. You see, one thing that a lot of people don't know about me is that I have this weird phobia of holding babies. It freaks me out to hold them and I don't actually know why or where it started. I'm working on it, however please do not take this as an open invite to hand me your baby - or pass me a baby (BEN AND MOM!). 


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