Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend Wins | Four

I'm a day late on this post, however yesterday was the Monday of all Mondays. I absolutely needed the time last night to wind down, and catch #TheBachelorFinale to root for Team JoJo. Alas, she is not the future Mrs. Higgins - BUT (and possibly even better for us) she is our next Bachelorette! I am BEYOND excited, mostly because I'm obsessed with all of her outfits. And her hair. And May 23 can't come soon enough.

Let's talk weekend wins of this past weekend. They were...

...having Ben's brother Lucas and his girlfriend Sarah in town for their spring break! It was fun hanging out with them here in Florida before they had to head back up to Illinois.

...the St. Practice Day Bar Crawl that we went to in Downtown St. Pete. This was our second year crawling with the best. The night consisted of five different bars, and every shade of green that you can imagine. We danced on stage at a country bar. Ben rode the mechanical bull and I'm 99% sure a video of this epic moment exists somewhere that I can't find. The crawling ended at MacDinton's with lots of dancing, followed by way too much pizza.

...driving by a house for sale that we saw on Zillow. We gave the realtor a call, but he didn't answer his phone. We risked looking suspicious, and walked around the house looking into the windows. It was cute - wood floors, what seems to be a decent kitchen. I still want to get inside and walk around.

...enjoying my first Smoked Butterscotch latte from Starbs. Hello, new favorite.

...finally purchasing this dry shampoo. I went with a brand called Batiste. I've never actually tried dry shampoo, but I've only heard that it works wonders. I'm excited to try it. Watch out for that inevitable product review post.

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