Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Wins | Three

They say that when you fill your weekend up with plans, it somehow goes by slower. You don't feel like those two free days flew by in a blink of an eye and you're suddenly back at Monday. I think either way you look at it, a weekend is never long enough. I mean really, who couldn't use just one more day to enjoy?

With that being said, this weekend was indeed a full one. I...

...kicked it off at Clearwater's very own 1933 Pub & Grill with Ben. We discovered this place when my aunt hosted a birthday party there and really enjoyed it. Their patio area has Christmas lights strung throughout the trees and the atmosphere is a perfect place to unwind after hitting your 40 for the week. If you need a suggestion: The Drifter burger is the way to go. Turns out pineapple on a burger makes perfect sense.

...celebrated our friend Danny's birthday at a Red Robin. Our weekend was unapologetically burger themed. It was such a treat to have a night out with friends that we don't always get to see.

...was finally able to appreciate the new Keurig 2.0 that Ben bought me for my birthday. After receiving it the morning of (a surprise setup in our kitchen), I was too busy getting ready to leave for our beach staycation to really get to enjoy it. After this weekend, I'm hooked. Gone are the days of brewing single cup after single cup. Now we can just do one big K-Carafe (or two!) and settle in for the morning to watch CMT Hot 20. Winning. Side note: have you officially reached adulthood when you're excited over getting a coffee maker for your birthday? Please don't say yes.

...found out one of my best friends is ENGAGED (hi Shannon!). So exciting. So happy for her and Austin that I'm still screaming and smiling. Let the wedding planning commence (as if she doesn't already have more of her own wedding planned than I do - the girl knows what she wants).

...booked our trip to NOLA at the end of the year to celebrate our friends Erin & Zach's wedding, as well as New Year's Eve. Celebrating love and 2017 on the same day and night? I don't think it gets much better than that.

...garage sale hopped. Ben and I were coming home from my brother's soccer game on Saturday morning and decided to stop at a few garage sales to see what we could find. Me, excitedly, him, a little hesitantly. We struck out at the the first one, but I found a picture frame for 25 cents at the second sale that I proudly sent out to my snapchat franz. #success

...spent Sunday with family, pretending I knew how to throw a football, and playing racquetball (my new favorite thing in the world). All in the name of my cousin's 6th birthday. It was a perfect note to end the weekend on.

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