Friday, April 1, 2016

Spot Snap | Six

I think the biggest mistake I made this week was taking off Thursday, without taking Friday off too.  Well, aside from accidentally buying us wheelchair accessible seats for the baseball game that Ben and I went to yesterday. And not realizing until, well, yesterday. More on that later.

On the bright side of Friday, I've got my latest Snap Spot for ya! Take a look at my latest ten songs in my Spotibrary:

  1. Randy Rogers - Kimberly Dunn
  2. Riley Creek - Blackjack Billy (SUCH a different sound for BB, and I kind of dig it)
  3. She's Gone - Chuck Wicks (this one's a jam)
  4. Sand - Greg Bates
  5. Used Up - Logan Mize
  6. Meet up in the Middle - Waterloo Revival 
  7. Last Minute Late Night - Kane Brown (upbeat, and so dang catchy)
  8. Same Ole Saturday Night - Randy Houser (my favorite from his new album #FiredUp)
  9. Pick Me Up - Brett Kissel 
  10. Cool With That - Brett Kissel (LOVING this one - Brett Kissel was a great find)

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