Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Why I Should Never Buy Baseball Tickets

Ben is a big baseball fan. More specifically a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Before him, my knowledge of baseball extended to hitting a ball, and running bases AKA the basics. However, I now know terms like "triple", "base hit", and "double play". I know, I've really come a long way.

When I found out that the Cardinals were coming to Tampa for their spring training game against the Yankees, I knew I needed to surprise Ben with a pair of tickets. Since I couldn't ask him where he wanted to sit (bc SURPRISE) I did what any millennial would do and Googled: "best seats at a baseball game". I purchased a pair of seats and waited to present them to Ben on Valentine's Day.

Little did I know, I was in for a surprise myself.

The day of the game approached us, and we excitedly took days off work. Beers, baseball, great weather, and probably a hot dog or two - it was going to be a perfect day at the ball game. While we were getting ready, I told Ben to print out the tickets so I could finish blow drying my hair.

"Babe, did you know that the tickets you purchased were wheelchair accessible seats?"
*shuts off blow-dryer*
"They're what?!"

When we arrived at the game, our first stop was the ticket office to see if they could help us. Their solution? Purchasing a brand new pair of tickets, then suggesting a call to Ticketmaster to see if I could receive a refund for the wrongly purchased seats. I bought the new ones and we made our way to the stadium entrance.

Assuming the call with Ticketmaster would probably be a waste of time, we visited the help desk in hopes that they could do something for us. After a quick radio call to find out what comp seats were available, and a scribble on our originally purchased WA tickets - we had another pair of seats for an upper section. The additional cost? Free. Apparently, this should have been our first stop. Noted for the next time this happens (hopefully never).

We ventured to both pairs of seats and walked past the wheelchair ones we probably would've gotten kicked out of. The ones we received from the help desk were the ones that we decided on. And you know what? It was still a perfect day at the ball game.

Three pairs of tickets to one spring training game and I wish I could laugh this off as a shock. Instead, I laugh it off knowing that this is such a typical Kahla move.

Baseball game ticket buying has now been filed under "Things Ben Handles". I'll just worry about the concert ones.



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