Friday, May 13, 2016

Product Review [+ Giveaway]: Loopy Cases

Let's face it, iPhones are slippery little thangs. Add in the fact that your giant 6S+ is hard to hold without two hands and you can easily find yourself accidentally dropping it. Kind of constantly. I mean it's really a miracle the thing still works.

Cue the Loopy Case and #stopthedrop.

The design of this case is simplistic, yet so useful. It's like any other case - comes in a multitude of color combos, and slides onto your phone effortlessly. So what makes it so different? Well, friends, it's all in the name. Or should I say in the loop.

The tiny loop on the back of the case makes a perfect bridge for your finger (I use my middle one) to slide under. That's it and that's all folks. Your iPhone is literally now holding onto you as opposed to you holding onto it. It really makes all of the difference and gives you one less shattered phone.

Why are we still buying bulky protective cases, when we can buy a slim fitting problem solving one? Some of those protective cases are still slippery and frictionless. Isn't the point to STOP dropping the phone instead of trying to make the drop less terrible?

The best part about Loopy is having multiple things in your hand at once and not having a mini heart attack over the possibility of dropping your phone. One of my favorite bonus pros of the case is that it makes my iPhone so easy to pick up. Usually, I can't get a perfect grip every time on a case-less iPhone. With Loopy, I slide my middle finger into the loop, lift, and in one swift motion I'm on my way checking messages, Twitter, and Instagram notifications.

I've been using Loopy for almost two weeks now. I took it with me on our trip to Illinois. It was a lifesaver at the airport when my hands were full with my ID, boarding pass, water bottle, and other travel essentials. I didn't even have to think twice about my phone falling out of my hand, because it was already holding onto me.

With Loopy on your side your phone goes nowhere, and nowhere is exactly where you want it to go.


I'm so excited to partner with Loopy Cases to host a giveaway (my first ever on KUWK!) for one lucky person to receive their own Loopy case! All you have to do is enter and follow both Loopy Cases and I on Twitter (I'll be double-checking!). The contest starts NOW (5/13) and runs until next Friday (5/20) at 12PM EST! A winner will be contacted via the email that they enter with + announced via Twitter on Friday night. Get to entering and let's stop the drop together.

**not limited to iPhone users. Loopy Cases serves both iPhones and Samsung products.

a Rafflecopter giveaway *This post was made in collaboration with Loopy Cases. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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