Friday, May 6, 2016

Tanks + Crochet Shorts

On the go. Casual. These are some of my favorite outfit options. Why? Because they're served effortless with an extra side of "wow, you look really put together today". It's these outfits that get us through the day to day when getting glam just isn't going to happen.

When it comes to this maroon tank top and these crochet shorts, both pieces by themselves can be pretty basic. Together, with my new favorite backless booties, they gave me an outfit that was perfect for running errands, going out to lunch, and even transitioning into a night out. Just like that, from day to night. Let's be real, isn't that the best kind of outfit?

My Apple Watch has seen nothing but a sport band since I first got it for Christmas last year. I wanted a white one so that it would match with everything. Combined with the rose gold, it gave off a super feminine sporty vibe. The only problem? It was a SPORT band. I often questioned how it looked with outfits because of the sporty nature.

Cue The Ultimate Cuff in the Diana style. My insta friends (@kahlasansom) and snap friends (kahlas) got a preview of this gorgeous cuff last week. It is everything my #armparty needed! Gone are the days of the sport band (except for when I'm at the gym, of course) and in are the days of true accessory. The Ultimate Cuff stacks perfectly with your favorite bracelets. The best part? It matches with practically everything. I've received so many compliments on it already because of how trend-TASTICALLY different it is. If you decide to purchase your own, I highly recommend the Diana style. I also highly recommend using discount code KUWK20 when you make your purchase to receive 20% off. Your Apple Watch will thank you for the glam upgrade.

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