Thursday, May 26, 2016

What to Wear: Memorial Day

Memorial Day: a day normally full of BBQ, poolside hangin', and if you're lucky, a makeshift slip and slide while honoring those who passed while serving our country. We'll be celebrating on Sunday with friends and I cannot wait. In the mean time, the lingering question always remains: what to wear? I've rounded up some favorites to show your M-Day pride in red, white, and blue. I mean really, who isn't spending the day outside in a bathing suit? Topped off with this coverup or this cute romper, and I'd declare you good to go.

BTdubs, this pineapple floatie really makes me wish I had a pool. Or a friend with a pool. Or maybe I'll just buy it for the pool Ben and I will now be required to have in our future home, thanks to said pineapple floatie.

Shop these picks & more for Memorial Day below by scrolling & clicking the pictures:


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