Friday, June 3, 2016

Headphone Highlights [ + Artist Interview ]: Nick Alligood

It's been a hot minute since I've had a Headphone Highlights artist featured on Keeping Up with Kahla. It's tricky, ya know? When it comes to the artist, it has to be just right. Their music, level of popularity, overall sound and vibe that I get when I listen to them - it all plays a very important part of what makes this series what it is. After a few months, I'm happy to announce that I have found the artist that checks all of the right boxes and then some. Guys, let's talk Nick Alligood.

Nick currently has a three song EP titled Chaser. Let me tell you, in just three single songs it covers all of the bases of modern country music. From upbeat, to radio friendly, to plays on words, and heartbreak, Nick nails it. My favorite track from the EP is Better on a Barstool. With lyrics like "If you walked in broken-hearted, or came in here to get the party started", it's sure to become a Friday night favorite. It reminds us that it's not always about what you're doing - but the atmosphere you're doing it in.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL...I am so excited to announce a new addition to my Headphone Highlights series that I think y'all will really love. Nick agreed to do a quick written interview with me for my blog post, so you can get to know a little more about him. We talked collaborations, karaoke, and what's next for him:

Who is the one artist that you would love to collaborate with?
Nick: Right now I would have to say Old Dominion.  I come from a musical background that involves several genres and right now I think they are doing a heck of job mixing several different aspects of different genres into their music.

Top three musical influences and why? 
Nick: Garth Brooks, Reba, and any 90's rock (3 Doors Down, Goo Goo Dolls, etc). My parents didn't listen too much country when I was growing up but Garth and Reba were their favorites. I remember listening to their albums on the big home stereo system my dad had and it definitely had an unforeseen impact on my career. ​The reason for the 90's rock is that's what truly got me into music.  I started off playing drums and those were the bands I wanted to learn to play.  I soon found myself branching out and slowly ended up "dazed and confused" in the country scene lol. Now I couldnt imagine myself playing anything else!

Which song of yours is the one that you want to see explode on country charts? Is there one that means more to you than the others?
Nick: Chaser is the title track for a reason. It's by far my favorite and means the most to me so I would definitely like to see something good come of it with radio for sure.

It’s karaoke night. What song are you singing? (can’t be one of yours!)?
Nick: Country: Dust on the Bottle (David Lee Murphy). Other: If I Could Be Like That (3 Doors Down)

What’s next for Nick Alligood  (i.e.: new music, tour dates, etc), and does it (hopefully) involve a show in Tampa, FL sometime soon?
Nick: We have an insane amount of things coming up this year: my first music video, tour dates all over the country, and we hope to release my first full album this year as well! I'll try my best to get down your way for sure!

Check Nick Alligood out on:

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