Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Bucketlist

Friday is here. Summer is here. All is right in the world. As much as I enjoy layering up, and busting out my favorite pair of Fryes in the winter - there's just something about sweet summer time that makes me extra happy. I've decided to make my first ever summer bucket list here on Keeping Up with Kahla. It'll be fun to come back closer to fall and see how many of these I can cross off of my list. The goal is obviously all.

Summer 2016 Bucketlist:
  1. Have a picnic at the beach or a nearby park.
  2. Take advantage of living so close to the beach. Some of you literally travel here to Florida for beach days and sun rays. I live less than 15 minutes away from the beach and it always seems like my toes aren't in the sand as much as they should be. 
  3. Take at least one Weeki Wachi or Rainbow River trip. Sounds like Ben and I will be crossing this one off this weekend.
  4. Try paddle boarding. 
  5. Make one Sangria recipe at home.
  6. Enjoy a day out on a boat. Ben and I don't own a boat, but there's a marina not far from us that rents boats out for the day for chuh-eeeeeap. 
  7. Go to at least one country concert. We just got back from CMA Fest in Nashville (read my recap here), but I can't help myself. Summer and country concerts go together like Kanye and Kanye. You just can't beat it.
  8. More outdoor workouts (running, outdoor gym, etc.).
  9. Visit a new local brewery, preferably with outside seating.
  10. Less makeup, more water. Summer is a great time to be au natural. One thing that I can't stand is being outside, sweating, with a full face of makeup on. It makes me feel, well, dirty. I'm planning to let my skin breathe and use minimal makeup. The Florida humidity does some weird things to my hair, so I'm leaning towards my effortless hairstyle go-tos: fishtails, topknots, and air-dry days with B&B's Don't Blow It Creme (read my review here). I'm keeping it simple and staying hydrated. It's the only way to win with the summer heat that Florida produces. Speaking of staying a hydrated, a cute new water bottle wouldn't hurt.
  11. Take a roadtrip/daytrip. 
  12. Go to a local farmer's market. Florida friends, any suggestions? I've been to the Pierce Street Market. Looking for a new one to try.
  13. Breakdown and buy one of these round towels. Seriously, so cute.
  14. Partner with one local business for my blog. This one is both personal, and for my blog, and maybe not so limited to summer at all. Listing it here at least gives me a timeframe to complete it in. So far, I've had some pretty sweet collabs here on KUWK (some have even included giveaways!). It'd be something special to partner with a local business.
  15. Make one homemade popsicle recipe. I'll be stalking Pinterest.
Do you have any plans or ideas to for this summer? What's on your summer bucket list?



  1. Check out deBine brewing in Palm
    Harbor. It's fairly new and has a delicious Hefeweizen. There is also a section that is outside.

    1. Haven't heard of that one! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  2. Go to Saturday morning market in St. Pete!!

    1. Woo need to try. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I heard Elley talk about that once or twice.


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