Friday, July 1, 2016

Kahla Currently | Six

Feeling: Exhausted. This week has been crazy hectic with my work's move to our new office. Between trying to settle into my new role as an executive assistant and trying to get settled into my new office - it's been a lot. My guess is that this long holiday weekend will be just what I need.

Netflixing: Criminal Minds. Can't get enough of Hotch, and the gang. Ben and I watch at least two episodes per night before we go to bed. 

Listening To: Lots of Jon Pardi (his new album California Sunrise is amazing), Steve Moakler, and Maren Morris. 

Wedding: We are focusing on nothing but wedding things this whole weekend which is exactly what we need to do. The biggest item on the checklist that hasn't been crossed off yet is a florist. I have some ideas of what I want from my Pinterest board, but I just can't commit. Spending thousands of dollars on flowers that are just going to die after this day is said and done just seems silly to me. I'd rather invest that money elsewhere - ya know, like a future house. 

Eating: Anything but tree nuts and annatto extract. At the ripe age of 25, I have developed my first ever allergy to tree nuts - self diagnosed from my food diary and extensive Googling. I still need to visit an actual allergist. I've gone my entire life without allergies, and then bam - here I am with my first ever. The food I miss most? Almonds. They were my go to snack. Who knew they were in with the "grows on trees" crew.

Wanting: ALL of the cute things for my new office at work. I'm cubicle-girl no more, so this means I get to decorate my own space. The color scheme on the furniture is grey, so I'll be using whites, blacks, marble, and a touch or two of blush. I'm trying not to rush into buying things until I'm completely unpacked and settled in, but I already ordered this marble business card holder from Etsy. I know that next up will be this print. My plan is to create a mini gallery wall on one side that I can see as I walk into my office every day. Don't worry, pictures to come.

I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend. Happy Friday!


  1. Try a grocery store for flowers! We got ours for uber cheap at a local grocer's floral dept!

    1. Ahhhh thank you. Seriously I need to look at those options.


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