Monday, July 18, 2016

Miami Swim Week: Mia Marcelle 2017 Presentation

Swim Week is a seven day long event in Miami, Florida full of parties, brand swim collection show previews, and all of the trendy bathing suits that you can imagine. This year I received an invite to the Mia Marcelle 2017 Swim Collection debut at The Raleigh Hotel in Miami. I'll be completely honest with you all: before that invite I had never even heard of Swim Week! I feel like somehow I'm failing as a blogger while typing that, but you can rest assured that it's on my radar for this time next year.

Not sure of what to expect, Ben and I road tripped south to Miami for the event. I was giddy with excitement during the four hour drive down. Also beyond appreciative that my future hubby-to-be is the kind of guy that will travel to Miami on a whim with me for something like this. When we checked into the Atton Brickell hotel outside of downtown, I was still in somewhat disbelief that this was something that we were actually doing. I'm telling you guys, I've never been to something like this before and I was excited for every part of it.

In all of my overexcitement I told Ben to order us an Uber Lux instead of our usual UberX. When we realized it was a $40 fare, I told him forget it and that we'd stay humble in a normal UberX for $13 instead.

Attending this debut was an amazing experience and those following along on my Snapchat got to see it first hand with me. The night was full of passed hors d'oeuvres, free drinks (the Mia Mojito was my fav!), and string lights galore. The models were "on display" the whole time in three different well-lit, lavished groups. Each Mia Marcelle swimsuit was more gorgeous than the next! I was obsessed with the front plunging necklines and low-back looks. Photo ops were abundant - and like any great blogger, I took advantage of it. The only thing I wish that I had taken pictures of that I didn't were the actual models wearing the actual collection. Duh - clearly a rookie mistake.

When the event ended, we took a stroll down the strip, found pizza, malted ice cream, and Ubered (still humbly in our X) back to our hotel. Saturday was spent brunching at a place called Morgan's not far from our hotel, and it ended with a trip over to Wynwood Walls (recommended to us by two different people). WW is full of art murals, perfect blogger walls, and a ton of cool graffiti to see. If you are in Miami, it's an absolute must visit. The Wynwood district is nothing like the visual of South Beach that most people get when they think sunny M-I-A. Instead, it's best described as Miami's very own slice of artsy hipster-heaven.

Even though our trip to Miami lasted literally less than 24 hours, it was well worth it. Getting to be a small part of Swim Week was one of the coolest things that has happened to me as a blogger thus far.

You can shop Mia Marcelle looks below by scrolling through & clicking each picture:


House cured salmon plate @ Morgan's


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