Friday, July 15, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is basically considered a holiday at our condo. More so for me, than for Ben but don't worry, I enjoy it enough for the both of us. The beauty of the NSale is that brand new items are marked down. It's not that picked over selection from the store that they need to clear out because a new season of items is on its way in. No, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is something special because it gives great deals on items that ARE in season. That ARE on trend. And that you WILL use in the months to come. Early access for cardholders started yesterday. Now, I'm not one for store credit cards, but did you know that Nordys has a debit card option? I found out last year, and immediately registered for one without looking back. Thus, this year I was granted early access with all of the N cardholders and was immediately reminded of why the Nordstrom debit card is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my wallet.

I spent yesterday morning with a hot cup of coffee, scrolling through pages of what was reduced in the NSale. I didn't have a list of essentials that I needed for fall. A lot of bloggers recommend that, but I like to casually browse and see what catches my eye. I did zero in on brands such as BP as well as ASTR. because they are some of my faves. BP always has fabulous basics that match with everything, and ASTR always seems to pull through on the romper game.

Bags are a whole different story. I needed an update in my collection, so I put this one and this one in my cart. After much consultation via imessaging with my girlfriends, I pulled the trigger and checked out with them this AM. I just know they'll be perfect go-to bags for the months to come. Plus, I never technically treated myself after receiving my latest promotion at work - so let's consider those a "to me, from me" gift.

The sale opens to the general public 7/22, but if you're a cardholder like me then you're shopping now! I'm going to break my picks down for you. Shop my top picked products from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale below by scrolling through & clicking the pictures:









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