Friday, July 22, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Workout + Yoga Clothes

jacket // tank top // sports bra //  black shoes // printed shoes // open back top // printed leggings // cut out leggings

Happy official start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to you  non-NCard holders! Welcome to your turn of shopping the endless variety of brand new marked down items that Nordstrom is offering. If you've been keeping up with me all week (I heard that chuckle) then you know that I've been shopping the NSale like it's my actual job with early access thanks to my handy dandy Nordstrom Debit Card. Yes, those exist. Yes, they are the best thing ever. And yes, "professional NSale shopper" will soon be added to my LinkedIn page.

I've already rounded up my top overall NSale picks, as well as my bag and shoe picks. Today on KUWK we're talking workout and yoga clothes. It's no secret that one of the best motivators for working out is to buy yourself that cute new tank. Or those sporty shoes. And who can resist stepping up their yoga game in a brand new pair of cut out leggings? The answer is nobody, and Nordstrom knows that all too well. That's why they have the ultimate collection of workout and yoga gear marked down and ready for you to shop.

Get those cards ready, y'all. Two things are certain when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 1. the deals are phenom and 2. Items sell out lightning fast. Update your workout wardrobe now, or forever wish you had when you're stuck paying full price. Yikes.

Shop my picks below by scrolling and clicking the pictures:


Bottoms + Shoes:



  1. I Love this sporty Outfits. Looks Great 😍

    Kisses Johanna

    1. Thanks so much Johanna! I am such a sucker for workout gear and the NSale has the cutest selection. 😍


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