Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Importance of Doing Things on Your Own

Painting With a Twist is an evening at a painting studio where you bring your own wine and snacks to enjoy while you paint for two hours. Traditionally it's a group event - a nice friends night out, if you will.

I went to a PWAT class last weekend. As a party of one.

Whenever I tell someone that I went to this class by myself, their first response is always "OMG I'm so sorry! I wish I could've gone." I have to laugh, because I'm not sorry at all. I was determined to go to this class and paint the picture that I wanted to paint. Sure, in the weeks leading up to the class I texted friends inviting them to go. Some were busy, some didn't want to go, and some didn't respond at all. Heck, Ben even offered to join. However, this was something that I wanted, and that I chose to do on my own. I wasn't going to let the fact that nobody else was going sway my decision.

Full disclosure: it was a little awko taco when a PWAT employee called me Saturday afternoon to make sure that I truly was a group of one. He had noticed that I didn't put a group name on my reservation.

"Yes, hi, uh, Kahla we just wanted to confirm that you didn't forget to put a group down?"
"Nope, I didn't forget. It's just me."

And there I was. For two long hours. My paint brush and I, with a cup of rosé and a hemp protein bar painting away. It was actually somewhat magical, and sparked this idea in my head: isn't it important that as humans we do things on your own sometimes? I mean really...

You can focus on what you like, no interruptions. There aren't any distractions. It's just you, yourself, and you. If you're painting alone, make that extra dimension line because you think it'll look good. Shopping alone? Try on that top, see how you feel in it without an outsider's opinion. Exercising alone? Stay the extra half hour to finish up those reps. Be on your own time without worrying about someone else's.

It's refreshing. It's almost like a whole new perspective consumes you. You're thinking for yourself without anything or anyone swaying your decision. It's actually a little empowering.

Sense of independence. Doesn't it feel good knowing you can do something on your own? You are an independent human, HOLLA.

Prove to yourself that you can enjoy things alone. It may be a little nerve-wracking or embarrassing showing up to an event (like a painting class) by yourself. There will be other groups there, but don't let that phase you. You can do this. You'll be just fine and you may even find that you enjoyed it.

"Me time" is important. Growing up, I never minded my alone time. It was my time to read a book. My time to write in my journal. My time to do whatever I wanted. Why should that have to go away as a twenty-something? Newsflash: it doesn't.

You might even make new friends. If we go to an event in a group, we find ourselves sticking with that same group (I mean, I guess that's the whole point in going together). I can understand the #nonewfriends rule; however it's also nice to branch out a little and meet new people. Going alone to an event leaves this opportunity completely open, if you should choose to embrace it.

The truth is that life isn't always like an episode of Friends style= where all of your spare time is spent at a café with your best buds. It's not always like an episode of How I Met Your Mother style= where you can meet at the bar nightly for a round of drinks. People grow up. People move away. People have their own schedule and priorities. That my friends, is real life.

It's important in life that we do things on our own. That we take that time and explore what we're capable of when we're just a party of one. The truth is, sometimes all you need for a party is one. And that one, is you.



  1. Props to you for going in alone! I agree, I think being able to do things on your own (and actually enjoy doing them) is an important life skill. Personally, I love shopping by myself!

  2. Absolutely! Shopping by yourself actually sounds like it could be relaxing, haha. Especially if you know what you need and the stores that you want to hit without a diversion. I need to give that a try.


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